Khaki Multi-Scissors

Khaki Multi-Scissors

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This sturdy, multi-functional pocket scissors are perfect for everyday use. You can open boxes with its serrated bottom edge or cut wires with the build-in wire-cutter on the rear of the blades. And its only four inches long when capped! Strong stainless steel blades and anti-slip handles let them tackle hard jobs that are beyond other pocket scissors, like cutting thick paper and credit cards. The top blade is curved for easy cutting and long grooves on the inside of each blade make it difficult for adhesives to gum up the blades. Double bevels ensure that the blades will stay sharp longer. Unusual for such small scissors, the handles are roomy enough to use & feel like a regular pair. If you need extra strength to get through a particularly tough material, the flat oval shape of the handles lets you comfortably place your second hand on the outside of the handles for extra squeezing power. A safety cap covers the blades when not in use. Drainage holes in the cap reduce the chance of the blades rusting if put away wet. No wonder it won a 2017 Good Design Award!

4" long / PP & Glass fibre handles / Stainless steel blades / Single curved blade / Serrated edge / Built-in wire cutter for upto 1.2mm / Easy grip handles / Matching blade cover / Designed in Japan


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