Dual Calligraphy Pen Set

Dual Calligraphy Pen Set

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Options are important while one is trying to perfect the art of calligraphy. That is why this set of dual-tip brush pens from Zig is an absolute must-have for every lettering enthusiast and calligraphy lover. A fine point tip and a thicker, flat tip allow you to effortlessly switch between fine lines and bold strokes. They come in a beautiful array of twelve distinct shades that will definitely make you want to start doodling!

Set of 12 dual-tip markers / 2.0mm and 5.0mm / Water-based inks / Colours included: Black, Red, Rose, Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown, Orange, Violet, Aqua blue & Lime Green / Acid free / Photo safe / 6.77" x 4.02" x 1.07" box / Made in Japan




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